Marhabaan Bikum (Welcome) in Morocco,
Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, our Division is covering a surface of almost 711 km², Kingdom of North Africa,The country opens its doors to Europe, but also to the sahara Desert. Present on IVAO for more 10 years, enjoy our scheduled events, and our Online Day, taking place every Saturday from 16:00 UTC.

                                                                                          Julien (MA-DIR)

Not in the Division ?

Hello guy ! You are not in our Division ? You want to control our Airspace ? You are ADC ( or above ) ? Our GCA Program is for you ! Click : Here to ask your Guest Controller Approval !

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Paris -> Dakar Rally, the 28th April 2018, from 13z to 18z by MA-WM

More information on our forum : here

GMMX - LEVC Airbridge, the 6th May 2018, from 15z to 19z by MA-AWM

More information on our forum : here

Online Day in Morocco , Every Saturday 16:00z By MA-WM

More information on our forum : here

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